Freshwater SLSC Coastal Ambassador’s – Surf Nomes

Freshwater Beach is one of the most popular beaches for locals and visitors alike. With around 1,800 members & 3,000 visitors a day in the summer months, this 350 metre stretch of coastline needs protecting.

After participating in the Coastal Ambassador’s Program run in conjunction with Surf Life Saving and Pittwater Environment Centre, the Surf Nomes Naomi Wilson & Naomi Donohue, developed an environment plan for Freshwater Surf Club. This plan focuses on improving the clubs environmental sustainability and raising awareness for the coastal environment.


  • water saving devices installed
  • ‘3 bucket program’ introduced
  • Nipper education days
  • Beach cleans

Greater plans 

  • Solar panels for power and water
  • Rain water tanks
  • Permanent marine touch table display
  • Address pollution from storm water drain
  • Inspire more to take up the coastal ambassadors challenge

The club recognises its main focus is providing members and the general public with a safe beach. So not to divert club funds away from its core business, the Surf Nomes have organised a major fund raising event Duke’s Day.

We have developed a Facebook page to interact with social networking and to use this form of media to promote our initiatives.

The benefit to the club & the community within our Environment Plan are many and varied. If you would love to help us either through participation, donation or sponsorship don’t hesitate to drop us line at: surfnomes