Environmental Initiatives at Freshwater SLSC

Successful Environmental Initiatives:

Water Saving Devices

Our first success came with an approval for a Water Grant to install water saving taps, toilets and showers throughout the members section of Freshwater SLSC. The public toilets already have these installed by the local council.

‘3 bucket program’

A home grown idea, the Surf Nomes introduced three buckets for placement under the patrol tent. Colour coordinated with bins for the local council home recycling program, the buckets make collecting and disposing of rubbish easy. This program sets a wonderful and positive example to visitors to our beach in keeping our beach clean and encourages those visitors to also recycle and dispose of their rubbish appropriately.

Nipper Education Days

The Surf Nomes attended Freshie Nipper registration days with an interactive marine display touch table borrowed from the Pittwater Environment Centre, they taught Nippers to create origami whales, dolphins & sharks, gave out educational colouring-ins and answered lots of questions about the marine environment. The Surf Nomes hope to inspire and educate Nippers so they too will take up the challenge for the protection of our coastal environment.   

Beach Cleans

The Surf Nomes have organized in conjunction with Eco Divers, a number of general beach cleans. It is planned to have 3 beach cleans per year, one at the beginning of the patrol season, on Dukes Day and at the end of the patrol season. Each clean up will be counted as part of the National Marine Debris Initiative. In the past clean ups we have collected over 150kgs of rubbish off Freshwater Beach. By far the most overwhelming rubbish found is the 2,500 cigarette butts – this despite a smoking ban on all Warringah Council beaches including Freshwater! The clean ups are patronised by surf club members, community members and members of other environmental groups.  

Up and Coming...

We have greater plans and initiatives for the surf club including; 

  • Solar panels for power and water
  • Rain water tanks
  • Permanent marine touch table display
  • Address pollution from storm water drain
  • Inspire more to take up the coastal ambassadors challenge

The benefit to the club & the community within our Environment Plan are many and varied. If you would love to help us either through participation, donation or sponsorship don’t hesitate to email us at: surfnomes