The 111th Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 19th July 2020.  The 2019/20 Annual Report was presented and can be viewed by clicking here.


Gordon Jones Honour Blazer for Outstanding Service to the Club
Wayne Freakley

Senior Club Person of the Year
James Coates & David Price (joint winners)

Young Club Person of the Year
Andrea Malm

Distinguished Service Awards
Max Jones & Andrew McEwen

Prominent Service Awards
Lindsay Davis, Steve Davis, Kelly Dobrow, Ross Parry, Dave Torevell

Patrol of the Year
Patrol 15  –  Dierk Hartmann (PC)
Michael Raymer, John Lo Schiavo, Matthew Dobson, Yvonne Klette, Shanny Gamble, Anna Bick, Christine Bick, Marcel Bick, Zoe Bick, Adam Douglas, Josh Goldrick, Amber
Hartmann, Benjamin Hartmann, Tao (Justin) Lin, Charlotte Meulman, Erin Shaw, Sharyn Vickers, Keith Whitaker, Seren Wilmott,  Rachel Bourgeois, Eliza Douglas, Abby Edgell, Cameron Hayes,
Dyllan Howison

Patrol Person of the Year
Alexander Needham

Youth Patrol Person of the Year
Grace Seaglove

Rookie Patrol Person of the Year
Davin Kelly

IRB Driver of the Year
Bennett Frerck

Most Outstanding Board Paddler
Tamsyn Curley

Most Outstanding Ski Paddler
Jack Noakes

Most Outstanding Swimmer
Bree Coates

Most Outstanding Masters Competitor
Sigi Hill

Most Outstanding Lifesaving Competitor
Lucas Phillips

Most Outstanding March Past Competitor
Libby Murphy

Most Outstanding Boat Rower
David Maguire

Most Outstanding R & R Competitor
Seb Di Sano

Most Outstanding Beach Competitor
Mila McGettigan

Most Outstanding Board Riding Competitor
No selection this season.

Most Outstanding Team of the Year
Open Patrol Competition Team
Julia Baker, James Crittenden,
Tahlia Dearden, Andrea Malm,
Paul Milinkovic, Lucas Phillips

SLSSNB Branch Team Reps
Leela Scott (U13), Artie Leiper (U14),
Joshua Gedz (U15), Mila McGettigan (U15)

SLSSNB Interbranch Team
Leela Scott, Artie Leiper, Joshua Gedz, Mila McGettigan

SLSSNB Development Squad
Jaslyn Plummer, Sebastian Ellens, Tom Northcote, Oliver McDonald, Charlotte Watton, Leela Scott, Artie Leiper, Charlotte Block, Joshua Gedz, Mila McGettigan, Stephanie Fejes

Freshwater Youth Scholarship to assist the further education and progress of a club member
Andrea Malm

SLSSNB Life Saver of the Year 2019/20
James Crittenden

SLSSNB Administrator of the Year 2019/20
Wayne Freakley

SLSSNB Outstanding Service Award 2019/20
Stephen Bennett

SLSSNB Equal 1st Annual Patrol Assessment  (100%) 2019/20
Freshwater SLSC