Club Covid-19 Protocols explained 9th Oct 2020

9 October 2020

“Can I make it very clear that if any business has found to have been negligent
in their responsibilities or fail to have a COVID safe plan, the full force of the law
will come down on them.” –
Premier Gladys Berejiklian 8 October 2020

All members

The above quote from the NSW Premier applies equally to our club and our members. It remains important for all of us to comply with the club’s COVID protocols.

Why are you advising members of this now?

Unfortunately despite previous requests, some members continue to find it difficult to comply with the protocols. On the positive side, it is only a very small number of members who are experiencing this difficulty.

However even a very small number is too many. It only takes one infected person to bring the club to a shuddering halt.

Why do I have to enter the club using my fob?

If NSW health authorities have to undertake any COVID tracing involving the club, they may need to contact anyone who has been on the premises. The fob system records the time and date of entry to the premises through the secure doors. This then allows us to meet our legal obligation to provide health authorities with information about who has been on the premises.

Why can’t I just enter via the roller shutters leading to the beach?

Unless you subsequently use your fob to gain entry to the change rooms or gym, there is no way of knowing whether you have been on the premises.

I used to have fob access to the gates at the bottom of the ramp. Why has this changed?

It is appreciated not being able to access the gates can sometimes be inconvenient. However, experience has shown the more people who have access to the gates, the more likely the gates will be left open. This in turn results in members walking through the open gates rather than through the door using their fob. This could have significant ramifications if health authorities are required to undertake COVID tracing.

Why do I need to use my fob to enter the club and then also record my attendance at the BSS & boat training sessions?

The club is obliged to have COVID safe plans for all areas of operation – lifesaving, education, nippers, sport, the gym, and general use of the premises. While there are common features for all of the plans, they all operate independently of each other.

The plan relating to the use of the premises requires a record to be kept of everyone who enters the premises.
The separate plan relating to community sport, which includes training, requires a record be kept of everyone who participates in the training session.

Why are the change rooms closed from 11.30am to 1.30pm each day?

The club has engaged a commercial cleaner to undertake specific COVID cleaning throughout the club each day between these hours. The two hour window provides flexibility for the cleaners to complete the task. The extra cleaning is a requirement arising from our COVID plans.

The current close down time includes the period when the weekend patrols change over. Can the cleaning be done at a different time on the weekends?

The Executive Committee is aware of the potential impact of the current requirements on patrols. Consideration has been given to changing the close down period on weekends to accommodate the patrol change over. The Executive Committee believes however changing the times on the weekends has the potential to add confusion as to when the change rooms are not available. This confusion would almost certainly lead to more breaches. On balance it is considered the preferred approach is to retain the current close down time for the weekends notwithstanding the potential inconvenience for our patrolling members.

Why are the protocols so important?

We are on notice we may be inspected by officers from the NSW Health to ensure we are complying with the obligations imposed by the public health orders. Some local surf clubs are about to be audited. We cannot allow complacency or apathy to take hold. To do so risks the club being closed. It is important we all remain vigilant and comply with the protocols which are in place.

What are the protocols?

The following protocols need to be observed when accessing or using the club facilities –

  • If coming to the club to engage in surf sport related training, enter via the door at the bottom of the ramp. This applies even if the gates happen to be open. AT NO TIME SHOULD MEMBERS FIRST ENTER THE CLUB VIA THE  GATES IF THEY ARE OPEN OR THROUGH THE ROLLER SHUTTERS LEADING ONTO THE BEACH.
  • If coming to use the gym, enter via the gym door.
  • If coming to use the general facilities of the club, enter via the foyer door.
  • If you forget your fob or it does not work, make your way to the foyer and sign-in using either the written log or the digital Q sign-in facility. This is the only reason you can consider entering the club via the roller shutters or through an already open door.
  • If you bring a guest to the club always ensure they sign-in using either the written log or the digital Q sign-in facility.
  • If following someone into one of these points of entry, use your fob even if the door is already open. Everyone’s entry into the club needs to be recorded.
  • If you have fob access to the gates ensure the gates are open only for as long as it takes to complete your task. Always close the gates behind you.
  • Do not allow anyone else to use your fob.
  • Do not facilitate entry to the club or any of the facilities by non-members.
  • If engaging in surf sport training activities, ensure you record your name on either the risk assessment form for endorsed activities or the attendance sheet for other activities.
  • General use boards remain unavailable for use
  • Do not use the gym or change rooms any day between the hours of 11.30am and 1.30pm.
  • If using the gym bring a cleaning cloth and disinfect any equipment immediately after use. You must also comply with all the usual rules of the gym, including being in proper attire and the use of towels.
  • The capacity limits of the gym, change rooms and club areas must be complied with at all times.
  • Do not come to the club if you are feeling unwell or if you are captured by any recommendation or directive issued by NSW health authorities from time to time in relation to identified COVID hotspots.

What should I do if I see someone not following the protocols?

If you see anyone not following the protocols, please speak to them and ask them to follow the protocol. It is incumbent on all of us to ensure we all do the right thing.

What happens if I don’t follow the protocols?

Failure to comply with these protocols may lead to a loss of access privileges.


Download – Oct’20 COVID update on protocols around club