Administration of Freshwater SLSC

Freshwater Surf Lifesaving Club - Mission Statement

To ensure no lives are lost while on patrol, assist members to achieve their full potential
and support the community.


  • Work in conjunction with Council lifeguards to administer first aid and assist the public who use Freshwater Beach and its immediate environs;
  • Study and train in the methods of life saving and first aid;
  • Educate and instruct all members in the elements of surf safety and awareness;
  • Provide efficient life saving and first aid equipment to support the club’s objectives;
  • Provide members of the Club with opportunities to improve their ability to engage in SLSA competition;
  • Have a Youth Program designed to encourage junior activity members and their families to remain actively involved with the Club;
  • Operate in an environment where at all times the safety of children is paramount;
  • Assist the local council in improving the facilities for the community;
  • Provide all members of the club with equipment and facilities to support their involvement with club activities;
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for all club members and users of the club facility;
  • Adopt best practice in the administration, financial and general operations of the club;
  • Have a one club approach to all activities;
  • Participate as a member of SLSA.

Freshwater Surf Lifesaving Club - Masterplan

The club has previously undertaken a membership survey to establish what their expectations are from the club in relation to member services and facilities.

Based upon the information obtained from this survey and from other information at the disposal of the Executive Committee, a Masterplan for the club will be prepared over the coming months for presentation and discussion with the members with the view to having a clear direction for the club over the coming 5 years.

Freshwater Surf Lifesaving Club's Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the management of all aspects of the club and has wide ranging operational, financial and management powers to undertake this task. The current Executive Committee is –





President/Chairperson Alan Burns president
Executive Officer Wayne Freakley


Treasurer Chris Tyrrell treasurer
Club Captain/Director of Lifesaving Deandra Godoy captain
Chief Instructor/Director of Education Jackie Phillips education
Director Sport Kevin Crow sport
Director Building & Facilities Phil Fagan facilities
Director Sponsorship & Marketing TBA sponsorship
Junior Activities Chairperson Paul McGettigan nippers
Director Member Services Claire DePaoli memberservices
Youth Development Officer Clare Freakley youth
Youth Development Officer Tom Duffy youth

Constitution and By-Laws

The club’s constitution can be viewed at: FSLSC Constitution December 2016

Supplementing the constitution is a number of club by-laws which address a variety of operational issues impacting on the club and its membership. These by-laws are reviewed once a year to ensure on-going relevance. The current club by-laws are listed below and can be viewed by clicking on them.  Further by-laws are currently under review by our Governance panel and will be added in due course. The club also conducts its activities in accordance with SLSA, NSWSLS & SNB polices and regulations which can be found at: Surf Life Saving Australia, NSWSLS & SLSSNB


Freshwater SLSC's CCTV Policy

Freshwater SLSC's Social Media Policy