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Memberships: Joining, Renewals, Transfers

Senior Club renewals and membership applications for the 2024/2025 season will be accepted from 1 July 2024.  Junior and Nipper membership renewals and applications will be accepted from mid August 2024.  All renewals, and transfer requests can be processed via the SLSA Members Portal.

New Members will need to set up an account and register using the following link SLSA members Portal. 

Please scroll down for more information. Contact if you have any questions about senior registrations.   For information specific to Nipper registrations, please click here.

New Members

It is great that you are interested in getting involved in Surf Life Saving. Surf Life Saving Clubs are central hubs of communities around Australia and are at the heart of Surf Life Saving.

Surf Clubs provide essential emergency services, a meeting place for members and the community, opportunities to train, a place to learn essential life saving skills and the opportunity to join a volunteer organisation rich in tradition.

Everyone is welcome in the Surf Life Saving community, no matter your age, background or skill level.

All new members – i.e. those who are not already a member of another surf club and do not hold any SLSA awards who wish to join Freshwater Surf Club as a cadet or senior active member, need to log on to the SLSA Members Area portal.  You will need to create a new account if you have not done so before.

From here you will be able to enter the details required to apply for membership at Freshwater SLSC.

New members that plan to undertake Bronze Medallion Courses or Surf Rescue Certificate Courses, should join as “Probationary” Members via the portal.  You will be required to pay your membership fee (varies according to age).  Course fees will be charged separately.

If you should have any questions in regard to what category of membership you should select, please email

Becoming a Member

Renewal of Membership

All membership renewals can be processed via the SLSA Members Portal. 

Renewals for the 2024/2025 season will be accepted after 1 July 2024.   Please do not renew your Nipper Memberships at the same time as yourself. If you are part of a Family Group on the Members Portal, please wait until Nipper Registrations are open before renewing your family group.  Nipper registrations will open in mid August 2024.

Only financial members are covered by SLSNSW Insurance and iCare (formerly WorkCover) and are entitled to member benefits.

Renew your membership

Transferring from another club


Members transferring from other surf clubs need to complete a transfer online through the SLSA Members Area PLEASE DO NOT pay any fees. When your membership transfer application comes through to Freshwater, you will be contacted by admin and advised what payment and documentation is required to complete your transfer.

If a transferring member wishes to apply for Reserve Active or Long Service membership of our club and they are not in that category at their existing club, they will need to provide written proof from their existing club that their patrol record meets the relevant criteria for Active Reserve or Long Service membership.

Transfer Now

Membership Help

SLSA Members Portal

Login to your Members Area account, select the Lifesaving Online/Renewals tab and select to Renew your Freshwater Membership.  Check all your details are correct and up to date, and make any payments due online. PLEASE ENSURE YOU BOTH RENEW AND PAY.  MEMBERSHIPS WILL NOT BE RENEWED WITHOUT FULL PAYMENT.

If you have never used the Members Area Login before you will need to create an account. You may wish to view this video to see how to create an account – (Video: How to Create a Member Area Account). If you have and can’t remember your login details click the forgotten username/password link to retrieve your information.

Online Payments

When you submit your renewal for an individual or family group you will be prompted to make an online payment. To access the online payment screen at any time, login, select the Lifesaving Online/Renewals tab and then select Online Payments from the sub menu.

Family Groups

A family member over 18 years can create a Family Group that will enable them to manage and renew all family members at once. To access Family Groups select the Lifesaving Online/Renewals tab and select My Family from the sub-menu.

Active Kids Programme

Can Freshwater Cadets participate in the Active Kids programme?

As of January 2024 Active Kids vouchers are offered on a means-tested basis and have been reduced to $50 per school aged child.

PLEASE NOTE:  More details will be provided shortly about this process of claiming a voucher.

Competition Levy

Please remember this fee must be paid prior to the end of December each year. The Competition Levy can be paid for via the SLSA Members Portal at the time of your membership renewal.  Alternatively, you can pay via the Freshie Shop – click here to pay. 

$125 for Open and Masters
$100 for u15s, u17s & u19s.

2024/25 Fees


Active Senior 18+, Long Service, Reserve Active, Award $110.00
Cadets 13-15 & Active Junior 15-18 $75.00
Associate $150.00
Gym Fee for Associates $140.00
Life Members & 50yr Long Service Members Free
Long service Members aged 70yrs+ $55.00
Competition Levy Open & Masters (must be paid by end December each season) $125.00
Competition Levy u15s, u17s & u19s (must be paid by end December each season) $100.00
Late fee (Into effect after 1st October) $20.00