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Freshwater Nippers Registration

2023/24 Season Registrations are now closed. 

All registrations must be completed online for new and returning members.  Please follow links below to the SLS Members Area.

Returning members:  SLS Members Area. 

New members: SLSA Join

All Junior Members (Nippers) must also have a parent/guardian join as a “General” Member if the carer is not already a member of a Surf Club. 

Proof of Date of Birth must be supplied for all new Junior members and you will receive an email with instructions on how to provide required identification to support your application. 

Provided below are links to user guides that will assist families with registration difficulties.  If you are having problems, please read through these documents before contacting us.  We have many enquiries during the registration period and our staff work through them as quickly as possible.  If you have sent an email enquiry, please be patient as we attend to the long queues. Please do not call the office, but send an email, if possible with screen shots included showing where you have hit an error or problem.  Most issues are related to Family Groups.  We suggest you save your SLS Member area log in details in a safe place so you can recall it each season.


How to Join a Surf Club Userguide – Individual V2

How to Join a Surf Club Userguide – Family Group V2

Important Information for new U6 Members

Nippers must be a minimum of 5 years old before 30 September 2023 to join the Nipper program.  However, your nipper must also have turned 5 years old BEFORE you register them.  If your Nipper turns 5 after the registration cut off, please send an email to with a copy of their birth certificate and notifying us.  You will not be able to register them via the SLS Members Portal until they turn 5.


Status of your application

We do not send emails to confirm registrations.  We do however send you emails if there are outstanding items relating to the completion of your registration.   If would like to check on the status of your membership application or renewal, please log into the SLS Members area.  Please take note of any comments on your record that may have been added which will indicate reasons for delays or items we may be waiting on to complete your application. Please attend to these requests and any emails you have been sent as soon as possible. If our requests are not answered in a timely manner,  we will decline your membership application. 



Fees for the 2023/2024 Season are as follows:

1st Nipper: $130
2nd Nipper: $100
3rd Nipper: $30
4th Nipper: $30

1st  Parent / Guardian: $50 (compulsory)
2nd Parent / Guardian: $50 (recommended)

Training Fee (for Nippers competing in carnivals) : $125



If not already a member, please join the Freshie Nippers Team App as this is our core platform for all nipper communications.

Team App: External link



Further information



Freshwater SLSC swimwear and accessories are available to purchase via our online store. 

We advise purchasing essential items such as Nipper Age Caps and Hi Vis vests in the pre-season purchase period (August and September). You can then have all of your essentials on hand and ready to go on the first day.

There are considerable queues to purchase and collect essential items in the early weeks, so best to be prepared and turn up ready to have fun!

Jump on line, purchase your items and they will be packed for collection from the club office or pre-packed for Click and Collect on Sunday mornings in the first weeks of the Nipper program.  Postage is also available at a flat rate.


U6’s & U7’s must wear an age group cap. Hi-vis rash vests are optional but most Freshie Nippers chose to wear one.
U8’s – U14’s must wear an age group cap & hi-vis rash vest.

We have various swimwear options for girls and boys.  If competing at carnivals, it is essential that your Nipper wears Club swimwear.

Nippers that attend water training will need a ‘training’ cap which is orange. Please plan ahead and purchase prior to first training session.  Nippers will not be permitted to enter the water at training without their cap. Don’t forget your hi-vis for water training too.

Nippers that compete in carnivals will need a competition/quarter cap to represent our club. Please plan ahead and ensure your nipper has a competition cap prior to their first carnival.  They cannot compete without one.

Nipper Cap Colours by Age Group for the 2023/2024 Season

U6 – White
U7 – Pink
U8 – Royal Blue
U9 – Red
U10 – Yellow
U11 – Lime Green
U12 – Bright Blue
U13 – Purple
U14 – Quarter Cap


Active Kids

If you are renewing on line and plan to use your vouchers, have them handy before you start the process.   Every child (4.5 – 18 years old) who has a current Medicare card and is enrolled in school from Kindergarten to Year 12 is eligible.

PLEASE NOTE:  The vouchers can only be used for online renewals through the members portal. There is a guide here

Active Kids Vouchers cannot be used on Family Bundled Memberships – You must elect each member of your family separately at the payment stage – ie General, 1st Nipper, 2nd Nipper.  Do not select the options such as “1 Parent and 2 Nippers” which is considered a family bundle and you will not be able to apply your vouchers.   



Once your registration has been approved, please request access to the platforms below so you can keep up to date with key dates, events, news items, weather cancellations etc. ALL essential nipper communications are via Team App. If you do not have access to TeamApp, you will miss key information.

How to join TeamApp:  team_app_brochure

Team App: External link

Freshwater Nippers Facebook: External link

Freshwater Nippers Insta:


How can I help?

We always require parental assistance. Being involved improves your Nipper’s experience as well.

In the early years, U6- U8 parents are welcomed as Age Managers or Assistant Age Managers.  These are larger age groups and it is great to get involved on Sunday mornings.

As your nipper enters the U9’s and up, they have the opportunity to train and compete in carnivals if they are competitive.  Otherwise regular Nipper Activities always welcome parent assistance.  For those parents of competitive Nippers, we require water safety to assist at training and carnivals, officials at carnivals, coaching assistance, and help on the Junior Activities Committee where there are regularly roles that would  benefit from more volunteers. If you would like further information on how you can help, please email Sarah –


Swim Proficiency

We will be conducting proficiency swims for U8-U13 Nippers on Saturday 16 September from (1pm-3pm) and Sunday 17 September, 2023 (2pm – 4pm) at Aqua Culture Swim Centre, Brookvale.  It is essential you have access to Team App for confirmation of dates and bookings. Swim Proficiencies are essential for your Nipper to progress and participate in the program.

U6-U7 do not need to complete a proficiency swim.

U8 – 25m pool swim – no time limit
U9 & U10 – 100m pool swim – 3 minute limit
U11-U14 – 200m pool swim – 5 minute limit

The pool swim proficiency enables nippers to participate in water activities during Sunday Nipper sessions, Club Championships and Training sessions.

If your nipper plans to compete in carnivals, they will need to complete a “Competition Proficiency”.  This involves an open water/surf swim (U9/10 – 150 metres,  U11-14 – 200 metres). Even if your nipper only plans to compete in beach based carnivals, they must be competition proficient as per SLSA requirements.


Further Queries

If you have any other questions in regard to the registration process, please email

General Nipper enquiries can be directed to the Secretary –