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    Our aim is to provide education and training in nationally recognised courses to train and educate our members to the highest standard, providing opportunities for skills based development, to effectively patrol Freshwater Beach.

    The next Bronze Medallion Course will commence early next season and dates are to be advised.



    The Surf Rescue Certificate is the entry level patrolling award for people aged 13 and above. Underpinning knowledge will come from an understanding of Work Health and Safety, surf skills, communication techniques and working as a member of a team.

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    $200 plus membership fee.


    Intake 1 – week commencing 4 October, 2022

    Intake 2 – week commencing 25 October, 2022

    Days and Times subject to demand and trainer availability.


    1 week night plus 1 x weekend (TBC)


    • Be thirteen (13) years of age on the day of assessment
    • Complete a 200 metre pool swim in five (5) minutes or less


    • Theory (online learning)
    • Signals
    • Resuscitation
    • Rescues
    • Communications, Radios
    • Team work in a patrolling situation.


    • Demonstrate resuscitation – mouth to mouth, mouth to mask, patient management, use of defibrillator
    • Demonstrate signals, radio maintenance
    • Run 100m Swim 100m Run 100m in five (5) minutes
    • Demonstrate rescue techniques using a rescue tube
    • Demonstrate a board rescue, as part of a team, including radio communications


    For further information please email

    To Register:

    Please send an email to  You will be sent instructions on how to join Freshwater SLSC and how to pay your membership and training fees.

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    The Bronze Medallion is a skills based award for ages 15 and above. Candidates train in groups for approximately six (6) weeks, training twice per week and will be assessed on various skills in communications and team work in a patrolling situation. For further information please contact

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    $265 plus membership fee.


    Intake 1 commencing week of 4 October 2022.

    Intake 2 commencing week of 25 October 2022.


    1 weeknight 6:30-8:30 pm,

    1 weekend – minimum 2 hours.

    Days and times subject to demand and trainer availability.


    • Be fifteen (15) years of age on the day of assessment
    • Complete a 400 metre pool swim in nine (9) minutes or less


    • Theory- online learning
    • Resuscitation & Defibrillation
    • First Aid
    • Signals & Radio
    • Surf Skills, Rips, Currents
    • Patient Carries, Spinal Management
    • Rescue Techniques
    • Working in a Team


    • Completion of online learning or written paper
    • Demonstrate resuscitation – mouth to mouth, mouth to mask, patient management
    • Demonstrate team resuscitation using oxygen & defibrillator
    • Demonstrate knowledge of signals, flags and radios
    • Demonstrate first aid skills
    • Run 200m Swim 200m Run 200m in eight (8) minutes
    • Demonstrate rescue techniques using a rescue tube
    • Demonstrate a board rescue, as part of a team including radio communications
    • Demonstrate patient carries, including spinal injury management
    • Patrol Scenario – team work & communication


    For further information please email

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    All Patrol Members, Competing Long Serving Members & Nipper Water Safety are required to complete an Annual Skills Maintenance (formerly known as Proficiency) at the start of each season. This is a skills refresher, not a test, and covers all requirements set out by SLSA.

    Skills Maintenance sessions for the 2022-2023 Season are in planning. We will advise dates once confirmed.


    Any queries, please email Education 

    SLSA Members Portal


    Trainers and Assessors are the backbone of Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club. By helping other members develop their full potential through training and education, they help to build stronger, highly skilled patrol teams. Becoming and Trainer and Assessor is a great way to assist the club and to help others get the most from their lifesaving experience. Trainers and Assessors follow the pathway provided by the NSW Academy.  If you would be interested in becoming a Trainer and Assessor, please contact

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    There are a number of higher awards available to members once they have completed their Bronze Medallion. These include Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, Powercraft, First Aid and Public Safety awards.

    Members are encouraged to fully participate in their lifesaving duties by undertaking higher awards.

    Contact Education.

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    Courses are conducted both in-house at Freshwater SLSC and in conjunction with SLS Sydney Northern Beaches and SLS New South Wales. 2022-2023 Course dates TBA

    Advanced Resuscitation Techniques

    The next date for this course is (TBA).  

    Powercraft Awards

    These awards include ATV, IRB Crew, IRB Driver and RWC (Jetski) awards.  Next course dates TBA.

    First Aid Awards

    These awards include Advanced Resuscitation, Apply First Aid, Spinal Management and Advanced Emergency Care.

    Public Safety Awards

    These include Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management, Cert III Public Safety and the Gold Medallion.

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    Useful Links

    Please Note : These awards qualification charts are subject to change. Please check the Surf Life Saving NSW website to get updates.

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    Email Education to register for upcoming courses!


    Lindsay Davis, Chief Training Officer