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Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People

Our Club:

  • is committed to the safety and wellbeing of every child and young person who takes part in our activities, programs, events or
  • is committed to providing children and young people with a positive and nurturing experience
  • will support families and the community to promote the healthy development and wellbeing of all children
  • will strive to ensure that children and young people are protected from abuse and harm
  • will work to create an environment in which children and young people are safe and feel safe at all times
  • will listen to children and young people and address any concerns that they raise with us
  • will support our members and the community to report any suspicion, or concern in relation to the mistreatment, or potential mistreatment of a child or young person
  • will challenge inappropriate behaviour of any of its members or members of the community
  • will ensure all children and young people, no matter what cultural ethnicity, language, religion or disability, shall be able to participate in surf lifesaving in a fun and safe environment
  • will appoint a Member Protection Information Officer, or equivalent, and ensure this person is trained on the obligations and responsibilities with respect to safeguarding children and young people
  • will strive to ensure that persons in a position of authority do not harm, abuse or exploit children or young people who are involved within our club
  • may not ask for consent to disclose information to police or an external child protection agency in the event we have concerns about the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person.

As part of our commitment to safeguarding children and young people, our club:

  • is committed to supporting parents and carers to protect their children and young people
  • will offer assistance that builds on a family’s strengths and make up, is sensitive to their culture and religious beliefs and empowers them to meet the changing needs of their children and young people
  • is committed to communicating honestly and opening with parents and carers about the wellbeing and safety of their children and young people
  • will promote and distribute information to parents and carers about our safeguarding commitment to children and young people as part of an introduction to our club
  • endeavours to be transparent in our decision-making, with parents and carers, as long as doing so does not compromise the safety of a child/young person or breach the SLSA Privacy Policy.

This commitment was endorsed and approved by our club by:

Club President

Name: Alan Burns
Date: 09/11/18

Club Secretary

Name: Wayne Freakley
Date: 09/11/18

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Working with Children Check (WWCC)

Good child safe policies and practices are the best way to reduce potential environmental risks and keep kids safer in our organisation. Like all clubs, Freshwater complies with its legal obligations in respect of working with children checks. There are a range of positions within the club which require the person to undergo a WWCC. Full details of who is required to undergo a WWCC can be found here –