Work Health & Safety

The Executive Committee is committed to ensuring the club operates in an environment where WH&S issues are a primary consideration in all aspects of club activities. The safety and wellbeing of members and other people who use the club facilities, including the beach while patrols are in operation, is considered a responsibility of both the club management and all club members.

Members need to be aware of relevant SLSA policies and procedures relating to WH&S issues. Follow the links below to the primary SLSA policies relating to WH&S issues –

Members are encouraged to be vigilant at all times in respect of potential safety issues and to report any concerns to the club WH&S officer – Wayne Freakley and/or the Director of Lifesaving.

Water Based Activities

Water based activities undertaken by club members are subject to the SLSA policy on water safety. Members with responsibility for the oversight and supervision of water based activities need to be aware of the obligations and responsibilities arising under the water safety policy, in particular the need to complete appropriate risk assessments prior to commencing those activities. Members can follow the links below to the primary SLSA documents relating to water safety requirements –

To assist members, a summaries of the main features of the SLSA water safety policy as they apply to specific club activities, have been prepared and are available below by clicking on each activity–

Patrol activities do not have to comply with the SLSA water safety policy as they are subject to the provisions of the Standard Operating Procedures. Click here to view Patrol activities - SLSA Standard Operating Procedures.


Please click here to download the Aquatic Activity Risk Assessment and Management Form.

What to do if a club member is injured whilst conducting a life saving activity:

If you are injured during a surf life saving activity that requires ongoing medical expenses, hospitalisation or an ambulance please read below.

If an ambulance is required please can you notify the Director of Lifesaving ASAP as the Director of Lifesaving needs to notify the branch duty officer ASAP.

1. For all incidents please fill in the incident log book (Incident book found in patrol trailer or patrol room in the third draw).

2. If you are unsure whether you will need ongoing medical claims please call the Director of Lifesaving who can advise if workers compensation paperwork needs to be commenced.

To download the appropriate Workers Compensation forms and Fact Sheet click here:

Look under the heading - Workers Compensation
The first 2 links - Notification of Injury Form and Workers Compensation Claim Form will be required and the bottom link in this section - Workers compensation Fact Sheet will provide the most up to date information on what to do.

3. The Director of Lifesaving will send the members workers compensation notification form. This notification form needs to be completed and received by the Workers Compensation office no later than 48 hours from the time of injury. You will also receive other workers compensation forms and a summary of what to do if you are injured.
4. Remember when being treated to advise the medical staff that you are a lifesaver and injured yourself at work thus, it is workers compensation and you will require workers compensation paperwork.
5. Remember to keep all your medical bills and any medical documentation.
If in doubt re any member injuries, please notify the Director of Lifesaving/Club Captain (0432 876 662). If the Director of Lifesaving/Club Captain is not available by mobile phone please leave a message and also contact the Executive Officer at executive officer