Mission Statement

Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club's
Mission Statement

To ensure no lives are lost while on patrol, assist members to achieve their full potential and support the community.



  • Work in conjunction with Council lifeguards to administer first aid and assist the public who use Freshwater Beach and its immediate environs;
  • Study and train in the methods of life saving and first aid;
  • Educate and instruct all members in the elements of surf safety and awareness;
  • Provide efficient life saving and first aid equipment to support the club’s objectives;
  • Provide members of the Club with opportunities to improve their ability to engage in SLSA competition;
  • Have a Youth Program designed to encourage junior activity members and their families to remain actively involved with the Club;
  • Operate in an environment where at all times the safety of children is paramount;
  • Assist the local council in improving the facilities for the community;
  • Provide all members of the club with equipment and facilities to support their involvement with club activities;
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for all club members and users of the club facility;
  • Adopt best practice in the administration, financial and general operations of the club;
  • Have a one club approach to all activities;
  • Participate as a member of SLSA.