Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club Captain

Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club Captain

The role of Club Captain is one of the single most important positions in our Club and carries with it enormous responsibilities.

The Club Captain is in charge of coordinating a clubs' patrol teams and its patrol roster. As such they put together patrol teams from suitably qualified members of the club, assign those patrols to specific calendar dates and then enter patrol statistics once a particular patrol has been completed. The club captain has overall responsibility for ensuring that a patrol members patrol hours are reported correctly. They manage this from within Surf Life Saving Australia's (SLSA) database system, SurfGuard, converting the paper patrol reports taken from the Patrol Log and transferring them into the electronic system. This data is then used by the club, the branch, state and nationally by SLSA to analyse our lifesaving activities at Freshwater beach every Patrol Season.

Responsibilities of the Club Captain:

  • Conduct and control all patrols;
  • Responsible for the conduct of members in the Club;
  • Schedule patrols and roster patrol duties prior to the commencement of each season;
  • Assist Coordinators/Age Managers with the safe running of junior activities;
  • Oversee the Gear Steward concerning lifesaving gear, ensuring it is well maintained;
  • Ensure sufficient numbers are on patrol;
  • Communicate with patrol defaulters to maintain efficiency of patrols;
  • Keep a record of member re-qualifications each season;
  • Keep a record of members performances at patrol duties;
  • Submit regular reports to the Club Executive Committee.

Contact Our Club Captain

If you need to contact the Club Captain, Dee Godoy please email: captain

If you are a member of Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club and have a more urgent enquiry, please visit FreshNET and use Member Search to get further contact details at: FreshNET