The annual club presentation night is to be held on Saturday 30 May so now is the time to start thinking about who you want to nominate for the various club service awards which are handed out each year on the night.

A list of the various awards and the qualification requirements are set out in the attached document.

The club’s Awards Panel has the responsibility for the receipt and assessment of nominations and for making recommendations to the Executive Committee in relation to all of the awards with the exception of the Distinguished Service Award. Recommending the recipient(s) of this award remains the responsibility of the club Honours Panel.

All members are encouraged to get involved in the process by putting forward nominations for the awards. If appropriate, the same reasons can be relied on to nominate people for more than one of the awards which appears on the list. To assist panel members, nominations should include 4-6 dot points outlining the reasons for the nomination.

Nominations for the Distinguished Service Award should be sent to

All other nominations can be sent to the Executive Officer C/- or sent or given to any of the Awards Panel members – Lindsay Davis, Kelly Dobrow, Ben Kirkby, Ian Cradock and James Crittenden.

Wayne Freakley
Executive Officer