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Freshwater SLSC 115th Annual General Meeting

June 30, 2024

30 May 2024


The 115th Annual General Meeting of Freshwater SLSC Incorporated will take place at The Freshwater
Club from 10.00am on Sunday 30 June 2024

1. Opening of meeting and welcome to guests by President Michael Bate.

2. Members to be upstanding and pay respects to departed members.

3. Apologies.

4. Confirmation of Minutes of the 2023 Annual General Meeting and General Meeting.

5. Business arising from the Minutes.

6. Presentation of the Annual Report by the President.

7. Presentation of the Financial Statement and Balance Sheet for Season 2023-2024 by the Treasurer.

8. Invitation to guests and members to speak on the Annual Report and or Financial Statement and Balance
sheet. Notice of Motion for which due notice has been given:

Motion: That both the Annual Report and Financial Statement and Balance Sheet for season 2023-
2024 be approved and adopted.

9. Special presentation to Freshwater SLSC Long Service Members.

10. Election of Office Bearers for Season 2024-2025.

11. Notices of Motion for which due notice has been given – Motion: That Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club affiliates with Sydney Northern Beaches and
SLSNSW for the 2024-2025 season and that the articles, constitution, by-laws, regulations and
resolutions together with the awards and equipment of SLSA, SLSNSW and Sydney Northern
Beaches be accepted without reservation.

12. Notices of Motion for which due notice has been given – Motion: That Eric Middeldorp be granted Life Membership
Note: The nomination is attached to this notice.

13. General Business of an urgent nature.

14. President to close meeting.

At the close of the meeting members and guests are invited to stay for morning tea and refreshments.


Positions vacated
All existing Executive Committee positions and officer positions will be declared vacant during the meeting. All
vacant positions can be nominated for either prior to the meeting or on the day. This applies irrespective of whether
any position is subject to an existing nomination. It is permissible for two or more people to share any position on the
Executive Committee.

Call for nominations
Nominations are called for the following officer and other positions:

Officers: President, Executive Officer, Director Finance (Treasurer), Director Lifesaving (Club Captain), Director
Education (Chief Instructor), Director Sport, Director Facilities, Director Sponsorship and Marketing, Junior Activities
Chairperson, Director Member Services and one (1) general committee member, Chairperson (Life Member Panel).

The Executive Committee has previously determined the role of the general committee member will be focused on
Youth Development.

Other positions: Member Protection Officer (MPIO), WH&S Officer.
Honorary positions: Patrons, Club Solicitor

All nominations received must be seconded. A nomination form accompanies this notice
Voting at the meeting.

• Membership voting rights are limited to financial Active, Active Reserve, approved Past Active
Members, Associate Members who hold a position on the Executive Committee, Long Service and
Life Members.

• To vote or stand for office, members must be financial, proof of which must be shown to scrutineers if

• To assist with the efficient running of the meeting and preparation of any necessary ballot papers, it is
recommended that financial members wishing to stand for office should be duly nominated and
seconded prior to the AGM. The nominee should countersign the nomination form (attached to this
notice) and forward it to reach the Executive Officer at the club address by no later than Friday 16 June

• If anyone nominated in person on the day of the AGM is not present, confirmation in writing that he or she is
willing to be so nominated must be provided at the meeting.

• If any officer’s position is not filled at the AGM, the voting members present may authorise the incoming
Executive Committee to take any necessary action to fill such positions at a subsequent time.

Richard Hawtin
Executive Officer


Click Here for Nomination form