About joining, renewing, transferring and fees


If you would like to become a member of Freshwater SLSC or want to renew your existing membership, transfer from another club or for information on Junior Activity and General Membership and Membership fees please read below and download relevant documentation provided.

Renewal of Membership (not including junior activity members) 

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Members transferring from other surf clubs need to complete a membership form and pay the relevant membership fee. When the form is received, action is then taken to instigate the transfer process from the other club. Existing membership categories held at other clubs will be recognized by our club – e.g. if you are already a long service member at another club, you will also be considered a long service member of our club.

If a transferring member wishes to apply for reserve active or long service membership of our club when they are not in that category at their existing club, they will need to provide written proof from their existing club that their patrol record meets the relevant criteria for active reserve or long service membership. 

New members

All new members – i.e. those who are not already a member of another surf club and or do not hold any SLSA awards who wish to join as a cadet or active member, need to contact the Chief Instructor (Click here) to obtain a membership application package which will include not only the application form but a variety of other documents relating to your anticipated training.

New members wishing to join as associate members can complete and lodge a membership form subject to meeting the relevant criteria.

Junior Activity Members (Nippers) and General Members (Nipper Insured Parents)

Membership as a junior activity member or general member (nipper insured parent) takes place twice a year, generally in early September. The dates are determined by Sydney Northern Beaches Branch office and will usually be on a Sunday morning between 9am and 12 noon. Owing to the large number of nipper memberships, late applications for membership are likely to be rejected. See About Nippers for further information on membership and registration.

Membership Fees

The fee payable for each category of membership is recommended by the Executive Committee but ultimately determined by the general membership of the club. There are also fees payable for training material associated with gaining the Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate Awards. Associate members are also subject to a separate gym fee if they wish to use the club gym.

Current fees for the various membership categories are as follows:
  • Active Senior (Over 18) - $110.00
  • Reserve Active, Long Service, Award - $110.00
  • Cadets and Active Juniors (13-18yrs) - $75.00
  • Associate - $150.00
  • Gym fee for Associate Members - $140.00
  • 50yr Long Service - Free
  • Long Service Members aged 70 years + - $55
  • General (Non Local Member) - (NSW capitation fee plus $5 rounded to nearest dollar)
  • General (Nipper Parent Member) - (NSW capitation fee plus $5 rounded to nearest dollar)
  • Associate (Community Supporter Member) - $1,000.00
  • New Members – Active – BM (Over 18) - $375.00 (Includes: One season's membership (current season), training manual, examination fee and training costs and gear on completion) 
  • New Members – Cadets and Active Juniors (13-18yrs) - $275.00 (Includes: One season's membership (current season), training manual, examination fee and training costs and gear on completion)
  • Competition Levy -  (payable for all members (not including nippers) who compete for the club in local and championship carnivals)
    Open & Masters  $100
    15s, 17s & 19s  $75
  • Late payment levy (for membership renewals received after 31 October) - $20.00  

Security FOBS

In order to maintain appropriate levels of security, access to the club is generally restricted to members who have a club security FOB. Access to the club and its facilities is as follows –

Area of club Available to
Under club area via door at bottom of ramp All members
Change rooms/showers All members
Gym All members except junior activity, cadets and associate members who have not paid the gym fee
Main front door leading to foyer Authorised members only

All areas of the club (with the exception of the gym) are open (i.e. no need to use a FOB) and available to all members on Sundays from 7am to 1pm. The change rooms/showers are also available at those times when approved junior activity training is conducted at the beach.

FOB access to the club is available each day from 5am to 9pm.

There are two types of security FOB available for members upon payment of a once only fee – a key ring FOB or a waterproof silicon wrist band FOB ($20.00).

If membership fees are not paid each year by 31 October, action will be taken to deactivate any FOBS held by the member. Access to the club will then be denied until any membership fees are paid. A reactivation fee may be applicable.