Benefits of Freshwater SLSC membership

Our Club offers a range of benefits and opportunities including having fun, being physically fit, learning teamwork, aquatic safety skills, competing in surf sports, meeting new friends and club facilities/gym at reduced rates. Our club promotes a safe and healthy environment for our members and the public.

So what are the benefits of being a member of Freshwater SLSC?

Becoming a member of our club provides the following benefits and opportunities:

  • Access to club equipment, including boards and skis (subject to the member holding relevant SLSA awards);
  • Access to the club gym;
  • Participation in weekly training sessions at the club including boxing classes and organized board, ski and general surf skills sessions;
  • Capacity to gain a wide range of SLSA recognized awards and provide patrol and other lifesaving services to the general public who come to the beach;
  • Ability to socialize with a wide range of other members with similar interests;
  • Competition in a variety of surf sports, both within the club and for the club in local and championship carnivals;
  • Education and training in surf awareness and survival skills;
  • Participation in a variety of physical and recreational activities designed to improve general water and surfing skills;
  • Use of club facilities for functions at a reduced rate;
  • Sunday Morning Nippers;
  • Nipper Age Manager;
  • Senior and Junior Coaching;
  • Coaching Accreditation Courses;
  • Beach Patrols;
  • Sunday Morning Surf Races which are handicapped for all ages and standards;
  • Various specialised First Aid Courses;
  • Social Functions - barbeques, dances, cocktail parties, golf and cricket days.

Friendship and Social Contact

As a member of "Freshie" there is a common bond amongst members which leads, in many cases, to lifetime friendships. As people join the Club they may have different aspirations, however they will always find somebody in the club who has similar aspirations or is keen to help a new member pursue the activity that has brought them to the Club.

The Club is very much a family oriented club and, despite having a strong background in competition, there is an ongoing tradition that the Club should provide for the needs of all its members.

Equipment Use and Craft Purchase Program

The club has boards and skis available for members' use subject to holding a relevant SLSA award. Both the senior and junior members may be eligible for programs to assist them financially to purchase a board or ski. Financial assistance is also available for competing members to assist with fees for swimming or running training.

Training and Coaching

A major benefit available to club members is the access to a group of highly experienced instructors who are available to train members in a variety of courses including:

  • Surf Rescue Certificate
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Instructor's Certificate
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate
  • IRB (rubber duck) Licence
  • Crewmans Licence for IRB
  • Honorary Beach Inspector

Visit About Education on this site.

For members wishing to either compete or become proficient in the use of boards. skis, surfboats, IRB, beach running or flags, the club conducts coaching and training programs to improve member skills and fitness levels. Details of training dates and times are posted on club notice boards, on the website and FreshNET. See the Surf Sports section for more details about competing for the club.